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Numbie Kung Fu: Bubble Match


The rules are simple! Load colorful bubbles into the catapult and then shoot them to receive treasure chests full of prizes and bonuses! Numbie’s Math Puzzles and Bubbles will help your child learn colors as well as add and subtract quickly and easily! Along with developing your child’s attention span, Numbie prepares them for school with exciting, tailor-made lessons! Numbie’s Math Puzzles and Bubbles has been designed to accord with a specially developed curriculum covering essential math material for children from 6 to 8 years of age and includes over 100 math puzzles and problems!The easy, simplified controls allow even novices to follow along on Numbie’s math adventures! The interactive gameplay is sure to keep your child learning and collecting bonuses for math problems they correctly solve!Numbie’s Math Puzzles and Bubbles is a fascinating educational game designed for children to do on their own, without requiring parental assistance. However, with its array of features and easily digestible lessons, this game is sure to capture the attention of parents as well!It’s never too late to start developing your child’s problem solving and critical thinking skills, so download Numbie’s Math Puzzles and Bubbles today and start your child on their math adventure!